Creating Identity and Meaning in a generic globalised warming world

by danielaterrile

today I read this article written by an architect/design Nigel Anthony Reading

A major design constraint (and therefore, opportunity) for passive climate
control is that strategies and final design solutions must adapt to the local
climates (and therefore inevitably, the cultural readings) of sites: hence the
earlier use of the term “Vernacular”, as a methodology, (but not an aesthetic of
pastiche), for Complexity. Sustainable Emergent Critical Design (ECD), as
applied to an autocatalytic architecture, that conveys thematic and structural
analogy (societal, cultural self-similarity), and informational (historical) depth is
more powerful for the simple reason that people can more readily identify
and empathise with a building that is derived from and integral to it’s
cultural and climatic environment. It has a definable, unique Genius Loci,
or sense of place.