che cosa é il project management

by danielaterrile

ecco che cosa mi scrive il Dreamer

One fragment of eternity is enough to summon vast and courageous ideas, unimaginable solutions. The conviction that death is something ineluctable is what limits us; it is at the root of our every constriction, shackling our creativity. All that we need is the idea of immortality, keeping that principle present in our own lives, and thereby freeing ourselves from the captivity of time. We can avoid being its victim, we don’t have to endure its constant menace, or its corollaries of anxiety, uncertainty, fear of being overwhelmed….
We know only a survival-based economy that believes in limits and has allowed death to become the planet’s leading industry, the architrave that sustains the wealth of nations. From arms manufacturing to environmental pollution, from pharmaceutical production to organized crime, men and nations are in the service of the economy of disaster, the economy of conflict. All of humanity is on the death’s payroll….
“The heads of future organizations will be philosophers of action. These people will bring success and longevity to the enterprises of the world.”……..

buona lettura a tutti dal mio Dreamer