Doel 31 8 2009

by danielaterrile

On 31 August, the right to live in Doel expired for people who rent a house. Those who do not want to leave their dwellings, will soon be forced to leave. On Sunday, 30 August, the united action groups of Doel launched a campaign to obtain the right to discuss a new destiny for the village in the Flemish Parliament. At the launch event on the dike, representatives from five political parties, including two majority parties, pleaded for maintaining Doel until the construction of the new dock. This campaign to be heard in the Parliament enjoys the support of Wim Van Hees, the chairman of Ademloos [Breathless], a major protest movement against the construction of a polluting bridge in Antwerp, who also delivered a speech. On that same day, we collected no fewer than 1,000 signatures.

photos Richard de Nul