Right to Speak about Doel in Flemish Parliament

by danielaterrile

30 August, 15 hrs: Launch of Petition
Right to Speak about Doel in Flemish Parliament

On 31 August, most inhabitants of Doel will have to quit their (rented) houses. Meanwhile, the Flemish Government remains deaf to repeated appeals by action groups and numerous people and artists, including very famous ones, to review its policy on Doel in line with the changed economic context and embark on a constructive dialogue on a new destination for the the village with áll parties involved.

Each weekend, masses of people visit Doel. The senseless destruction of a village affects the people and, braced by so many tokens of sympathy and support, we are not going to be discouraged by the Flemish Government’s elephant skin. On Sunday, 30 August, one day before the right of inhabitation expires in Doel, we will launch a


Wim Van Hees, the president of the Ademloos action group that compelled the city of Antwerp to organize a referendum about the construction of a controversial bridge in the city, will be present at this event to buck up our campaign. He will address the people and visitors of Doel around 15 hrs on the quay of of the yacht-basin. This is a token of solidarity with the fate of the village that transcends individual action groups and civilians’ initiatives!

After the official speeches, we will roll out a 50-m long text banner with hand-painted lettering by the “KunstKater” artists’ collective from Lier.

This will be followed by several other solidarity actions, such as:
The baptism of the “”Mayday… Mayday… Mayday… for Doel” sailing boat (artist Brigitte Strick)
Visit to the consulate in Doel of the Cultural Free Haven of Ruigoord (artists’ village in the port of Amsterdam
Apotheosis: Inauguration of the “Fisherman” statue (artists René Frik and Maarten Donders), in replacement of the original statue which was removed by the housing company last spring
There will also be several music bands to cheer everybody up and the alternative-globalist “Mobile Artistique Théatrale” kitchen will take care of the hungry…

Support our cause in Doel by your presence in the village that day!

We will welcome you at the quay of the yacht-basin on 30 August around 15 hours.

KunstDoel receives no subsidies.
Help us organize all these events: BE48 7370 2695 4727